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My Blog that I don’t pay attention to ….

I don’t lead an exciting life, get up in the morning, work 8 hours, get home in time to watch my granddaughter after school, go pick up my wife from work, go to bed and start the same thing over the next day.

It’s my life. Every now and then I get to do something exciting, usually go on a business trip.

That is why my blog doesn’t get updated very much.

Mostly I have a website to share photos I’ve taken. I enjoy taking photos. I may no be a great photographer but I record many memories that I can visit later.


So that’s it for today, nothing exciting, nothing profound.


Nothing new to add lately, yeah, my life is so exciting …..

So here are a few pictures from the last few months.


This is the house in Thailand


This is me holding a baby who is trying to do her Popeye imitation.


This is Ae holding her before her haircut.


This is Jasmine with the Costco giant teddy bear.


Here are Jamsine & Lilly

Maine Narrow Gauge Museum

I enjoy modelling Maine narrow gauge in HOn30. I haven’t got a layout (yet…someday) but I do have quite a collection of equipment. So while the wife was away in Thailand I took Jasmine and went to the Maine Narrow gauge Museum in Portland Maine

Here are a few pics:



February Snow

Well it has been a quick winter this year. We had some cold weather and one snowstorm back in November and December, then it warmed up and we all thought that we were going to escape this year – WRONG! It is now the middle of February and we have had multiple storms dumping about 80 inches of snow. Here are a few shots of the latest storm

January snow (Part 1)

I say part 1 because Tuesday there is supposed to be a giant snowstorm, probably 2 feet the way the weather reporters are talking right now. But, based upon past weather predictions I wouldn’t be surprised to see just a dusting.

Anyways here are a few pictures from Saturday’s storm.

DSC_4557 DSC_4572 DSC_4561